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Nick Cannon Accused Of Promoting Colorism For Dark Skin Vs. Light Skin Competition With Zeus Network



Nick Cannon and Zeus Network stirred up controversy with a live show, “Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas,” that initially framed competitions as “dark skin” vs. “light skin” women. Nick Cannon comes under fire over “Dark Skin vs. Light Skin” event with Zeus Network

The move was met with backlash for its colorist implications.

In response, Zeus edited the promotion to “Chocolate Goddesses VS Caramel Goddesses,” but critics argue that the name change doesn’t address the underlying issue.

The network emphasized breaking stereotypes but faced continued criticism, especially for another competition, “BBWs vs. Slim Girls,” on the same night.

The fallout raises questions about the impact and responsibility of content creators. 📺🤔

Let’s see how The Zeus Network plays this one.

Ladies, what do ya’ll think about this?