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Romeo Miller Claims He’s Broke and All His Money Was Used To Pay Master P’s Taxes



The beef between Romeo Miller and his dad Master P continues as now Ro is claiming that he is broke and it was due to paying his father’s taxes.

In a poem titled, “The Tree of Trauma,” Romeo speak on how the limelight and his father have made his family suffer.

Ro then jumped in the comments to continue to air out his father. All my siblings are broke bro,” responded Romeo, “Never even had money to afford college. And nothing is wrong with that, he just shouldn’t paint a certain life that isn’t real.”

“Man, we been living month-to-month since I was 18, shit’s a mirage,” he replied to another user. “I been taking care of my pops, bro,” Romeo explained to a third commenter. “Never touched no Lil Romeo money. [It] all went to pay off his IRS taxes. I’ve been more than loyal. The truth will set us all free.”