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Slim Wins $100K Default Judgment Against Former 112 Members Q. Parker & Daron Jones



It’s all peaches and cream until it gets real. Slim who is part of the iconic R&B group 112 has won a lawsuit that was filed in 2018. The group broke up in that same year and slim filed a lawsuit over the use of the 112 name. We are happy to announce that Slim was awarded $100K. Slim’s attorney took to the gram to announce the victory.

Congrats to our client @officialslim_ and his company M3 Productions Inc. He is the owner of the “112” name and repeatedly asked others not to use the name illegally.  After filing a federal action about two years ago, today a Federal Court ruled in Slim’s favor and awarded $100k in damages. 

The judge also banned the Defendants from using the “112” mark in any advertisements, marketing, promotions, concert appearances on social media anywhere or passing themselves off as “112” or having their agents use the mark illegally.

Very happy for you my friend and thankful to the whole team of staff and lawyers who assisted including Willard Stanback, Stephen Katz, and Demi Willis, among others.

Slims response:

Slim comment on default judgment against Daron Jones and Q Parker

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