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Tina Knowles ‘Fires’ Back At Critics Saying Beyoncé’s Trying To Look White; “Clowns, Losers, and Bozos”



Tina Knowles is setting the record straight and defending Beyoncé against claims that she’s lightening her skin and hair to appear white, expressing her frustration with the negative chatter.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Beyoncé’s mom addressed numerous online comments from fans questioning her daughter’s appearance at the premiere of her “Renaissance” movie last Saturday.

Tina dismissed accusations of skin bleaching, labeling them as stupid, ignorant, self-hating, and racist. She lamented the perpetuation of a “stupid narrative with hate and jealousy” among some Black individuals.

Tina clarified that Beyoncé’s choice of platinum blonde hair was a deliberate fashion statement to complement her silver dress, aligning with the theme of the movie premiere and the entire “Renaissance” tour.

In no uncertain terms, Tina called out those accusing Beyoncé of trying to look white, labeling them as clowns, losers, bozos, and “sad little haters” driven by jealousy.

She pointed out that Black celebrities, including icons like Etta James, have embraced platinum hair throughout history, challenging the notion that it equates to trying to be white.

Ultimately, Tina expressed her frustration with the relentless attacks on her daughter and decided to speak out, even acknowledging that Beyoncé might not be pleased with her for doing so. 📣💪🏽