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Tracy Morgan And Nas Find Out That They Are Cousins



Tracy Morgan just dropped dime on a wild family connection – turns out, he and Nas are blood cousins!

Tracy dropped this bomb on the Connect The Dots podcast, spillin’ the deets about his PBS series Finding Your Roots adventure. Picture this: Tracy’s flipping through his family tree, and bam! Nas pops up as his third cousin on his mom’s side. Wild, right?

But here’s the kicker – Tracy and Nas were already tight before this family revelation. Tracy even dedicated a whole Comedy Central show to Nas’ mom back in the day. They’ve been holding it down for years.

So, Tracy hits up Nas with the news, and guess what? They both start shedding some thug tears. It’s a family reunion moment, for real. Tracy’s like, “Cuz, I got you,” and Nas fires back, “Cuz, I got your back too.”

This ain’t the first time Nas found long-lost fam. Remember that concert in Tampa? Nas bumps into another cousin after like 20 or 30 years!