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Tyreek Hill Being Sued By IG Influencer Claiming He Broke Her Leg



A major drama is unfolding, fam! So, check this out: Sophie Hall, a social media influencer with a whopping two million followers on the ‘Gram, is throwing down some serious accusations against NFL star Tyreek Hill.

In a lawsuit filed down in Broward County, Florida, Sophie’s claiming that Tyreek broke her leg during a football drill last summer at his crib. And she’s not just asking for an apology – nah, she’s aiming for some serious dough!

According to Sophie’s story, it all started after she booked her son a spot at one of Tyreek’s football camps in South Florida. But here’s where it gets juicy: she says after the booking, Tyreek slid into her DMs with some flirty messages, talking about being a good stepdad and even inviting her over to hang out with his mom. And yeah, he even dropped his digits.

So, fast forward a bit, Sophie and her son pull up to the camp on June 17. And guess what? Tyreek’s all like, “Yo, come kick it at my mansion!” So, Sophie’s like, “Bet,” and heads over on June 28.

Here’s where things take a left turn: Sophie claims Tyreek got heated during a backyard football sesh and ended up rushing her, causing her to trip and mess up her leg big time. She says Tyreek brushed it off like it was no biggie, but when she got back home, she found out she had a legit fracture that needed surgery.

Now, Sophie’s laying it all out in her lawsuit, demanding Tyreek cough up some serious cash for her pain and suffering. This saga’s just getting started, y’all – buckle up for the ride!