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Usher Married Jennifer Goicoechea on Super Bowl Sunday



Yo, check it out! Usher ain’t just singing about love – he’s living it! Homeboy tied the knot with his longtime lady, Jennifer Goicoechea, this past weekend. And guess what? They did it big in Vegas, baby!

Yeah, Usher said “I do” right before he hit the stage for that epic Super Bowl halftime show. Talk about multitasking, right? According to the marriage records we got our hands on, Usher and Jenn made it official on Feb. 11, 2024. Vegas was the vibe, but they didn’t hit up the Little White Wedding Chapel. Nah, they kept it low-key at Vegas Weddings, with Usher’s mama as a witness.

The ceremony was smooth, officiated by Rev. Ronald Joseph Pokrywka. And let’s not forget the love from Melody Willis-Williams, president of Vegas Weddings, who sent major props their way. She knows what’s up – Usher’s performance was straight-up fire!

Now, here’s the sweet part – Usher flashed that ring at his Super Bowl after-party, showing off his fresh bling alongside his new wifey. All gold everything, baby!

This ain’t Usher’s first rodeo, though – it’s his third trip down the aisle. But hey, third time’s the charm, right? Big ups to the happy couple – wishing them nothing but love and happiness on this new journey together! 🎉💍