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The NFL Cleans Up Alicia Keys Voice “Cracking” During Super Bowl Performance On YouTube Version



The Super Bowl had everybody talking, especially about Alicia Keys and her performance with Usher. But yo, they were quick to clown on AK for a little slip-up she had during “If I Ain’t Got You.”

You know how it goes down on social media – peeps were straight-up roasting her for that off-key moment. But guess what? When you check out the official Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show video on YouTube, that voice crack magically disappeared!

Yeah, they straight-up cleaned up Alicia’s vocals, fam! It’s like they hit the studio and gave her voice a fresh polish. Ain’t no shame in that game, though – it’s all about putting out the best vibes for the fans.

Now, some folks out there crying conspiracy, saying the NFL and Apple Music are trying to cover up Alicia’s mishap. But nah, it’s just about giving props where props are due. AK’s still a queen on the mic, and a little post-production magic ain’t gonna change that!

So, next time you peep that halftime show vid, just know – Alicia Keys got that extra shine, courtesy of the editing room. Keep slaying, queen! 🎤✨

Original Version:

Edited Version: