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Usher Got Cursed Out By LA Reid For Refusing To Record “Yeah”



Yo, check this out! Usher’s iconic banger “Yeah!” almost didn’t happen, and it took some serious boss moves to make it a reality. Rico Love spilled the tea on Home Grown Radio, reminiscing about how the track almost got left in the dust.

So, here’s the deal – Usher wasn’t feeling “Yeah!” at first. He straight-up refused to record it when he heard the demo. Even Rico himself thought the song was whack, with lyrics that had him busting out laughing on the floor.

But then comes in L.A. Reid, the big boss man at Arista Records. He heard “Yeah!” and saw dollar signs. He wasn’t taking no for an answer. Reid was like, “Usher, you better drop this track now,” and when Usher tried to protest, Reid shut him down real quick and hung up the phone like a boss!

And you know what? Reid’s intuition was on point. “Yeah!” blew up big time, topping the charts for a crazy 12 weeks straight! That’s some next-level A&R skills right there, turning what could’ve been a flop into a certified banger.