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Wendy Williams Clarifies Comments Blaming Nelly’s Alleged Rape Victim For Assault



Wendy Williams is clarifying comments she made about Nelly’s alleged rape victim after she received major backlash. On Monday, the talk show host insinuated that the victim’s rape would’ve never happened had she not “put herself in that situation.”

“It’s never an easy job sitting here in the lavender chair by myself with nobody to bounce off of. Sometimes I might say something that you don’t understand, but I am the girl to cop to it. Maybe cavalierly you caught my comments, ‘You got to watch where you go.’ I didn’t mean anything by it.”

After reflecting on a time when “she was only 13 years old but looked like a woman” and how the men who hung around the cigar shop her father used to send her to were “disgusting” she says,

All I’m saying regarding young women and I apologize if my message was met with callousness. But what I meant to say is young ladies, we should be able to go wherever we want to go, but we always have to know where the exits are. We always have to have our $20 bill, just in case. And we have to be aware. That’s all I was saying, I apologize.

You can watch the full clip below:



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