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Ya Man Donald Trump’s Dropping His Own Sneakers!



Yo, peep this! Donald Trump’s out here trying to pull a Michael Jordan move, y’all! Homeboy’s dropping his own line of kicks now, called “Trump Sneakers.” He’s calling them the “NEVER SURRENDER HIGH-TOP SNEAKER,” and they’re going for a cool $399 a pair.

Now, my man claims he’s been sitting on this idea for over a decade, but it’s kinda sus that he’s dropping them right after getting hit with a $355 million judgment for some shady biz with his company.

But get this, fam, there’s only 1,000 pairs up for grabs, so it ain’t gonna be enough to cover his massive debt. Dude unveiled these kicks at Sneaker Con, rocking a “T” and a “45” on ’em, you know, reppin’ his brand and all.

And that ain’t all! Trump’s also pushing cologne and perfume at $99 a bottle. Seems like he’s trying to diversify his hustle or something, but I gotta admit, it’s a bold move considering his financial situation.