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Ceaser Loses “Black Ink Houston” Tattoo Shop After Investor Discovers He Was Stealing and Doing Shady Business



Van Johnson was not the only one stealing and doing shady business. Black Ink Houston’s investor Doughboy, discovered Ceaser was also stealing and doing shady business. Doughboy never withdrawn any of his earnings since the shop’s opening in 2021 so after two years he was expecting a six figure amount remaining in the business account for him. However, when he asked Ceaser about his portion he was told the funds was not in the account and placed the blame on his former assistant.

However, Doughboy did his homework as a co owner and got access to the account and did not see any proof of funds removed from the account by the assistant. He did see personal purchases for Yeezy sneakers and wires transfers to Ceaser’s lawyer. We hear Doughboy gave Ceaser some time to fix the situation. We assume Ceaser could not come up with the money since his Black Ink empire has crumbled and being fired from VH1’s Black Ink Crew after his ex girlfriend Suzette “The Squirrel” Samuels leaked footage of him abusing his dogs to the blogs.

Word is, Doughboy ran down on Ceaser while he was at a booking at Clubhouse in Houston and put paws on him and gave him a warning to leave the city and not return until he has his funds. Doughboy has since kicked Van and Ceaser out of the partnership and has taken over the tattoo shop and rebranding it at “Ink Dept. Houston.” Apparently Doughboy put up the funds to open Black Ink Houston for Van and Ceaser so technically the building and business is his. Check out the video footage below of the revamp.