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Chrisean Rock Calls James Wright A “Big Back B!tch N@gga”



Chrisean Rock ain’t holding back on social media, y’all! She just dropped a tweet straight-up calling out some mystery person for blowing cash on a lawyer, and she ain’t having it.

In her tweet, she straight-up called out a “big back bitch n****” for coming after her money, swearing she ain’t handing over a single cent.

Now, she didn’t drop no names, but we all know she’s deep in some legal drama right now, especially after that backstage showdown at Tamar Braxton’s gig back in November.

Remember that dude James Wright? Yeah, he’s suing Chrisean, claiming she laid him out backstage, leaving him with busted teeth and cuts to the face. It got so heated that Tamar even spilled the tea about it on Instagram Live!

But yo, Chrisean ain’t flinching. She’s standing firm, keeping her cash close and her lawyers closer. Even with all this drama, she’s staying true to her word, fam. Let’s see how this all plays out!