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Chrisean Rock Being Sued By Tamar Braxton’s Background Singer James Wright Chanel



Yo, peep this drama! Chrisean Rock’s in the hot seat, facing some serious legal heat from TV personality James Wright. Homeboy’s droppin’ a lawsuit on her doorstep, claiming she straight-up assaulted him at a Tamar Braxton show.

According to the legal docs by TMZ, James is throwin’ down the gauntlet, sayin’ Chrisean threw hands at him during a club gig last November. He’s spillin’ the tea, sayin’ he ended up with busted teeth and cuts on his face, all ’cause of her alleged rampage.

You might’ve heard about James gettin’ hospital-bound after Tamar’s show in Downtown LA, and he’s pointin’ fingers at Chrisean for that ordeal. Tamar even dropped some hints about the drama on her IG Live, talkin’ about how Chrisean was feelin’ some type of way ’cause she didn’t get the spotlight she wanted.

Now, in the lawsuit, James is pullin’ no punches. He’s claimin’ Chrisean straight-up socked him, throwin’ around some homophobic slurs while she was at it. Homeboy’s talkin’ about lacerations and broken teeth, sayin’ Chrisean’s rings did the damage.

And yo, it ain’t just the physical stuff. James is also bringin’ the emotional distress into the mix, gunnin’ for compensation for all his medical bills and then some. It’s a straight-up legal showdown, and James ain’t backin’ down.