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Issa Fraud: Joel Osteen Gets Blasted For Closing Megachurch Doors Due To Imaginary Flooding



Houston Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen is being dragged up and down social media for closing his church doors to hurricane refugees. Formerly the home of the Houston Rockets, Osteen’s Lakewood Church sits over 16,000 people and yet the doors were shut tight while thousands of people are still stranded with no place to go.

Osteen, who has a networth of $50 million and lives in a $10 million house, didn’t forget to send tweets for prayer and donations

Apparently, the megachurch was closed due to heavy flooding in the area. Too bad cameras don’t lie because social media is definitely telling a different story. Instagram user “Trust Bambino” even went as far as to show his followers the church’s multi level garage and the areas surrounding the church where officials said there was flooding and the footage will make your jaws drop …

Welp…. who got money for the next collection plate go round????