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JLo Takes It ‘Back To The Bronx’ On Groupies Tryna Get At Ben; “Back up B**ch!”🥊



Jennifer Lopez is making it crystal clear that Ben Affleck is off the market, and she isn’t taking any chances when it comes to other women eyeing her man. The couple was out and about in L.A. over the weekend, with Ben being a true gentleman and opening the car door for J.Lo.

But here’s where it gets interesting: as Ben was heading to his side of the car, a group of women in another car driving by decided to give him a good ol’ cat-call. Jennifer wasn’t having any of it! She immediately clapped back at them, telling the ladies to “back up, bitch!” and she did it with a whole lot of emphasis.

You’ve got to watch the video because J.Lo’s feisty response is just classic Jenny from the Block. It’s not entirely clear if the women on the receiving end of her message heard her, but one person who definitely got the message was Ben himself. He knows he’s Jennifer’s one and only, and any single ladies out there had better take note: don’t mess with Ben when J.Lo’s around! 😤💍