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Kirk Frost & Da Brat Dated! Asked Her Out Writing His Name & Number On 20 $100 Bills



Looks like Kirk Frost may have always been a creep and has creeping his way around Atlanta for over 20 years now. We all know Da Brat is pretty as hell and got body for days under those baggy clothing of hers and had Atlanta popping in her day as the first platinum female rapper.

I mean who wasn’t trying to possibly conquer that back in the 90s. Kirk Frost sure was and Brat revealed on Dish Nation when asked what was the wildest thing someone did to get with her. She revealed Kirk asked her out by writing his name and number on 20 $100 bills. She also mentions getting a Lincoln Navigator from him as well. Now this all happen before he met Rasheeda.

Check out the video below! Talk about a #TBT tea spill for that ass.




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