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Mariah Carey Being Sued Again For Her Iconic Christmas Smash 🎄



Mariah Carey is once again in hot water, facing a legal challenge from the two guys who claim they penned a Christmas tune with the same name. Andy Stone and Troy Powers are aiming for a whopping $20 million in damages, arguing that Mariah’s hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” has more than a passing resemblance to their 1989 holiday song of the same name.

It’s a déjà vu moment as they’re revisiting last year’s lawsuit, which made similar allegations about Mariah lifting their track after their song received airplay and even made its way onto the Billboard charts during the 1993 Christmas season.

The fresh legal documents, obtained by TMZ, emphasize the substantial similarities in the song’s lyrical hook, melody, and overall vibe when compared to their original composition. The plaintiffs aren’t holding back, stating that Mariah presented these works as her own with an implausible origin story.

It’s undeniable that Mariah’s catchy tune dominates the airwaves once November hits. Stone and Powers are angling for a substantial payday and are hoping the judge will put an end to Mariah’s use of their alleged intellectual property. 💰🎶🎄