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Michael B. Jordan Gets The ‘Green Light’ To Direct Creed lV



Michael B. Jordan Takes the Director’s Chair Again for ‘Creed IV,’ Despite Sylvester Stallone’s Feud with Producer

Irwin Winkler dropped a bombshell during an L.A. event on Saturday, announcing that ‘Creed IV’ is officially in the works with Michael B. Jordan not only reprising his role but also stepping into the director’s role once again. Despite a major rift between Sylvester Stallone and key producer Irwin Winkler, the project is moving forward.

According to Deadline, Winkler outlined plans to kick off the project’s development around 2024, citing a compelling story and plot for the next installment. He acknowledged a slight delay due to industry strikes but assured fans of the franchise that they would enter pre-production approximately a year from now.

The success of “Creed III” solidified Michael B. Jordan’s standing in the franchise, making this news a promising development. However, the announcement likely doesn’t sit well with Sylvester Stallone, who has openly criticized Winkler’s handling of the ‘Rocky’ rights. Stallone has been pushing for ownership stakes in the intellectual property, citing his role as the creator of the character and story. The tension between Stallone and Winkler adds an extra layer of drama to the highly anticipated ‘Creed IV.’ 🥊🎬