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Sista LooK- Empowering and Encouraging Support For Black Women



Sista LooK

I first met this beauty (Charita Doe) at Carla Stephens Conversations With Wives. I loved the way she spoke when she asked questions, how she gave her opinion but listened to others as well. I loved how much she was passionate about Black Women working together, supporting each other and empowering each other. She listened to my story, I listened to hers and now I want to share it with you.

Asia Diamond: Tell our viewers about the founder of Sista Look? 

Charita Doe: Amidst the disparities of life, Charita Doe’s smile shone through regardless, reflecting her positive disposition and a surging desire to support black women and foster unity among them. A firm advocate of justice for the oppressed, Charita studied Criminal Justice in hopes to become an attorney and ultimately become a magistrate judge.

Altruism has always been her core value; thus she actively engages in various community services and offer her support to family, friends and those around her. After, recently, losing her nineteen-year-old son to suicide, Charita found solace in her hearts passion to empower black women. She made the brave decision to leave corporate America and dedicated all her time and resources to the birth of Sista LooK, an establishment through which she empowers and promotes unity among black women. Not only is the call of action, to support black women tailored to black women, however, Charita encourages everyone (regardless of race, gender or background) to fortify Sista LooKs mission, to intentionally support black women to combat oppression.

New to her entrepreneurial journey, as a black woman, business owner, Charita hopes for the support she advocates, favor her endeavors to make Sista LooK a notion that permeates generations to come.


AD: What was the motivation behind Sista Look?

CD: While working in corporate America, I became disheartening aware of the divide and lack of support black women shown towards one another. I witness black women losing their jobs over petty workplace disputes, which could have easily resolved. These similar behaviors I witness in Churches, schools, various public places and even among family members. Furthermore, I realized our society played a major role in these behaviors by negatively displaying black women as ill-manner, unattractive, combative and angry (just to name a few) in the media, entertainment industry; so much so, that black women have become a stigma in the minds of Americans and sadly been adopted ideologies in the minds of black women themselves. As a black woman, I am passionate to be a sparkle of light to shine in a dark place. It is my mission to inspire, encourage, support and empower black women in any way I can.

AD: What is the mission? 

CD: Empower and promote unity among black women and fortifies intentional support to combat imposed disparities.

AD: How can one be apart of Sista Look?


CD: If you are interested in getting involved with Sista LooK, contributing to the growth of our purpose, or if you have questions, please get in touch with us at (470)357-5853 or via email [email protected], also LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE to us on social media Facebook: Sista LooK, Instagram: @sista_look, Youtube: Sista LooK. Our website: (Publish February 2019)

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