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Suge Knight Claims That His Social Media Accounts Have Been Hacked; Creating Unwanted Smoke



Suge Knight’s setting the record straight about some crazy online drama. Dude says he’s got zero to do with those wild posts popping up on social media, spouting Tupac conspiracy theories and stirring up old beefs with Snoop Dogg and Diddy.

Suge’s dropping truth bombs, telling TMZ that he’s been hacked!

Yeah, you heard it right – somebody’s messing with his Twitter and Facebook like it’s a game. According to the man himself, the hacker’s sliding into his accounts, dropping clips from Suge’s “Collect Call” podcast and throwing around old pics.

The former Death Row boss, currently serving time, is keeping it real, saying he’s down to stand by everything he’s ever said – podcast or not.

But he’s not down with the chaos the hacker’s causing, like sparking beef between Daz Dillinger and Snoop.

Suge’s stressing over this mess, and he’s throwing shade at Twitter and Facebook, telling them to kick the hacker to the curb.