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Suge Knight Praises Taylor Swift On Recent Podcast Episode “That’s One Smart, Powerful, Aggressive Woman”



Yo, peep this! Knight was spitting some truth on the podcast, giving mad props to Taylor Swift.

He straight-up called her smart, powerful, and aggressive woman for how she’s playing the game.

He also talk about her resilience after the whole Kanye stunt at the MTV awards, trying to play highlighting the fact that she didn’t let that drama hold her back.

He added that she just brushed it off and kept grinding, fighting for what she deserves.

And check this out, Knight was showing love for her relationship with Travis Kelce too.

He’s like, “Yo, Taylor’s got that power to turn the tables.” Like, Kelce was already a big deal on the Chiefs, but once he hooked up with Taylor, it’s like he became the main man. Now, it’s Kelce’s team all the way, thanks to Taylor’s influence.

Tay Tay’s getting love from both the inside and outside!