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Suge Knight Starts ‘Collect Calls’ Podcast From Prison!!



Suge Knight may be behind bars, but he’s not keeping quiet.

The Death Row icon is launching a podcast called “Collect Calls With Suge Knight.”

Partnering up with Dave Mays, the founder of The Source magazine, they’ve got about 5 episodes in the bag for a Halloween ’23 launch.

Suge isn’t holding back; he’ll dive deep into hip hop, responding to the buzz about his name and sharing insights, including thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s ownership of Death Row.

But it’s not all mudslinging; he wants to pass on wisdom, connect generations, and answer questions from the audience.

Get ready for some real talk, dropping weekly on audio (Thursdays) and video (Fridays) across major platforms, with a sneak peek on Oct. 24. 🎤🎧📢