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The Global Child Prodigy Association’s Top Child Prodigy In The World —River Mason Eromosele —Is A Legend In The Making

Hailing from New Jersey growing up in Hillside & Newark River Mason Eromosele is an established model, actor, and author. At 11 years old, River has been published on Forbes. The child prodigy comes from a famous bloodline with deep roots in the entertainment industry.



Child Prodigy River Mason Eromosele

River Mason Eromosele is an established model, actor, and author. At 11 years old, River has been published on Forbes and The child prodigy comes from a famous bloodline with deep roots in the entertainment industry. His lineage is successfully rooted as the son of world-renowned wardrobe stylist and entertainment exec Pilar Scratch, nephew of Hip-Hop icon, Rah Digga, nephew of iheartRadio personality Madison Jaye, and cousin of rapper Soo Vegaz. The entrepreneurial and entertainment success for the pre-teen was inevitable. he Global Child Prodigy Awards is honoring River as one of the global child prodigies in Dubai. GCP Awards is the world’s first and only child prodigy initiative that recognizes Top 100 Child Prodigies around the globe each year from various verticals.  Eromosele has been featured in numerous television appearances, a vast  list of commercials, and print ads.River Mason Eromosele has made appearances on Nickelodeon for “Love Tribe Apparel”, Evil Lives Here on Investigation Discovery, John Legend’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, Hustlers, Durand Jones & The Indications video “Morning in America” debuting on Billboard, Laurie Berkner Band’s This Mountain which debuted on PBS Kids, Fox’s Dr. Oz, and CBS’ The Good Fight.

Child Prodigy River Mason Eromosele walks the purple carpet of ” I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

How did you get started in the entertainment industry? Well, my mom is the reason for my career.I started off doing modeling by being on set with her for a photo-shoot she  was styling. From then it was history. I really have to say my mom did everything for me  within my career. I owe  her a lot. 

Your family are major household name.Your aunt is a icon, Rah Digga, your mom is a fashion legend ,Pilar Scratch , your other aunt is 19x award winning radio personality Madison Jaye, your cousin is famed IheartRadio Ifueko Igbinovia and your cousin is rapper Soo Vegaz. How is it like growing up with an iconic family? Is there a lot of pressure? Honestly, I didn’t know who my family was up until like a year or two ago. I thought it was a normal thing for people to stop people and ask for pictures of them. I realized it wasn’t. Then when I started to land acting roles and people would come up to me … I realized it wasn’t something that happened to everyone. Now knowing who my relatives are at times I get scared like I can’t let them down.But my family always tells me that I’m doing a great job and making them proud.

You’re a child prodigy. One of the top child prodigies in the world. How does that feel ? It feels weird, a little. I feel like I’ve been working in the entertainment industry all my life. It all feels weird and normal at the same time.  I think that I’m used to it now.

Child Prodigy River Mason Eromosele and mother Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Pilar Scratch

As a young man of color and a respected business mogul at only 12 years old. How do you aspire to assist individuals wanting to get into your field?I hope to one day open a non-profit to help children interested in the arts. I believe that the community could really benefit from a supportive facility for the arts.There isn’t a lot of support for creatives.

Describe your greatest strengths in your line of work. My greatest strength is that my line of work has made me a great communicator.I’m Able to express myself vividly.

How important is it to make a difference? It’s very important to make a difference. I want everyone who looks up to me to Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? Follow me on Instagram and spread kindness to everyone. You never know what someone is going through.