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From Emerging Stars to Superstar Headliner: The New West Coast Festival Sets the Stage on Fire



The West Coast music scene experienced a substantial transformation when it played host to the highly anticipated New West Coast Festival. Brought to music enthusiasts by New West Coast, this dynamic event featured a diverse lineup of acclaimed DJs, emerging artists, and a legendary superstar headliner, all contributing to an exceptional experience for attendees. The festival’s charged atmosphere, meticulous attention to detail, and impeccable execution undoubtedly left an enduring mark on the vibrant West Coast music scene.

From the moment attendees stepped through the doors, they were met with an electrifying energy that permeated the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. It was evident that the event organizers had invested significant effort in creating an engaging environment for guests to fully immerse themselves in the music. Selena Reyes, the CEO of Show Out PR and a representative of the festival expressed her satisfaction with the turnout and underscored the team’s commitment to delivering a flawlessly executed event. Every aspect, from the sound systems to the visual effects, was meticulously planned and flawlessly realized.

The New West Coast Festival showcased a carefully curated lineup that encapsulated the dynamic and evolving music landscape of the West Coast region. The festival’s creators skillfully blended established artists with up-and-coming talents, providing each performer with a platform to showcase their skills. Notable DJs such as DJ Trill, DJ VIP, and Cypress Moreno effortlessly energized the audience, captivating attendees with their infectious beats that resonated throughout the auditorium during the event.

In addition to the electrifying DJ sets, a diverse array of artists graced the main stage, further elevating the festival’s appeal. Artists including Lambo4oe, John Mackk, R3 Da Chilliman, Lil Maru, EBK Young Joc, Memo The Mafioso, DB.Boutabag, Fenix Flexin, Bluebucks Clan, and Bravo The Bagchaser, among others, embraced the opportunity to intrigue the audience with their distinct styles and commanding stage presence.


The festival reached its height with a show-stopping performance by the iconic Los Angeles superstar, 03 Greedo. The audience held their collective breath in anticipation before erupting into an ecstatic frenzy upon his arrival on stage. 03 Greedo’s magnetic presence and undeniable talent drew the crowd into a euphoric trance, setting Riverside Municipal Auditorium ablaze with his unparalleled sound. His performance served as a testament to his stature as a true musical luminary, leaving an indelible impression on all fortunate enough to witness his artistry.

Acknowledgment must be given to the sponsors of The New West Coast Festival, including Urban Water, Heavenly Farms, and Cough Syrup by Desto Dubb, whose support played a pivotal role in realizing the festival’s vision and enhancing its success. Their dedication to promoting local talent and enriching the Riverside community added a layer of authenticity and resonance to the overall festival experience.

The New West Coast Festival at Riverside Municipal Auditorium proved to be a resounding success, cementing its place as a significant contributor to the local music scene. The seamless blend of emerging artists, renowned DJs, and the magnetic headliner, 03 Greedo, created an unforgettable atmosphere that will resonate for years to come. Through meticulous planning by the New West Coast, unwavering sponsor support, and the enthusiastic engagement of the audience, every facet of the festival flowed effortlessly. As Riverside’s musical landscape continues to evolve, this event stands as a testament to the region’s burgeoning talent and limitless potential. The New West Coast Festival shines brightly on the West Coast music calendar, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating its return for even greater spectacles in the future.