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Tristan Thompson Granted Guardianship Of His Younger Brother Amari



Man, big shoutout to Tristan Thompson for stepping up for his little bro, Amari. The court just gave him the green light to be Amari’s legal guardian, and it’s been a long time coming.

You see, Tristan’s been holding it down for Amari ever since they lost their mom, Andrea, a year ago. It hit them hard, especially since their dad, Trevor, hasn’t been in the picture much. So Tristan’s been the rock for Amari, making sure he’s got the care and support he needs.

And it’s no small task, yo. Amari’s dealing with epilepsy, which means he needs extra love and attention. But Tristan’s got his back, no doubt. He’s proving that family comes first, no matter what. Much respect to Tristan for holding it down for his little bro.