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Tristan Thompson Called Out For Being a ‘Dead Beat’ Dad By His Baby Mama’s Sister



Tristan Thompson’s parenting is under scrutiny once again, this time from Jordan Craig’s sister, Kai, who is the aunt of Tristan’s 6-year-old son, Prince.

Kai is not pleased with Tristan’s inconsistent involvement in Prince’s life, especially when she sees him being attentive to the children he shares with Khloe Kardashian.

Kai points out that Tristan appears to prioritize his time and attention for Khloe’s children but fails to do the same for Prince.

She finds it disappointing that he only seems to interact with his son during public events or special occasions, leaving regular parenting responsibilities unfulfilled.

Kai also addresses Kim Kardashian’s recent remarks about Tristan being a good dad on a television show.

She questions Kim’s understanding of the situation and urges her to consider the family’s feelings before publicly defending Tristan’s character.