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Tristan Thompson Granted Temporary Legal Guardianship Of His Younger Brother After Mother’s Passing



In a recent court hearing, Tristan Thompson was granted temporary guardianship over his younger brother, Amari.

This decision comes after the sudden passing of their mother, leaving Amari unable to care for himself.

The court hearing, held on Wednesday, solidified Tristan’s role as guardian for 17-year-old Amari. While Tristan wasn’t physically present in court, his attorney represented him via Zoom.

This move follows Tristan’s petition for temporary guardianship filed a couple of weeks ago, and it was expected, as no one contested it, including Amari’s absent father, Trevor Douglas Thompson, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Now that Tristan has been given the green light to take care of Amari, the topic of conservatorship will also be addressed as Amari approaches 18.

Amari faces both mental and physical disabilities, rendering him unable to care for himself, making Tristan’s guardianship a necessary step in his well-being. 🏀👨‍👦📝