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Wendy William Has Been Diagnosed With Aphasia and Dementia



Yo, did you hear about Wendy Williams? It’s some heavy news, fam. She’s been diagnosed with aphasia and dementia, just like Bruce Willis. And yo, this announcement comes right before this new documentary about her struggles hits the screens.

Her team dropped this bomb on Wednesday, straight-up saying they had to set the record straight ’cause there’s been mad rumors swirling around about Wendy’s health. They’re saying, yeah, everybody knows about her battles with Graves’ Disease and Lymphedema, but now they’re coming clean about this new diagnosis – aphasia and frontotemporal dementia.

They’re shouting out her care team at Weill Cornell Medicine for coming through with the diagnosis, saying it’s helping Wendy get the right care she needs. But yo, they’re also keeping it real, saying they’re putting this out there to raise awareness about what she’s dealing with and to shut down all the gossip that’s bound to blow up, especially with that new doc dropping.

But yo, even with all this heavy stuff, Wendy’s still holding it down. Her team’s saying she’s still got that signature sense of humor and she’s getting the support she needs. And yo, she’s feeling the love from everybody sending her good vibes.

Sounds like Wendy’s team and her fam might be on different pages though, ’cause her family’s been out here in the media, sounding off about what they think is really going down. It’s a lot to unpack, for real.