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Wendy Williams Makes Public Statement Concerning Her Health Predicament



Yo, check it out, Wendy Williams just dropped some real talk about her health situation. She’s been dealing with some heavy stuff lately, and she’s finally speaking out about it.

Wendy straight up said, “I want to say I have immense gratitude for the love and kind words I have received after sharing my diagnosis of Aphasia and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). Let me say, wow! Your response has been overwhelming.”

She ain’t holding back, giving props to everyone who’s been showing her love. Wendy’s feeling the unity and compassion from her fans, and she’s hoping her story can help others dealing with FTD too.

Then she hit us with this, “I continue to need personal space and peace to thrive. Please just know that your positivity and encouragement are deeply appreciated.”

Wendy’s keeping it real about needing her space to keep moving forward, and she’s thankful for all the positive vibes coming her way. It’s a tough time for her, but she’s staying strong with the love and support from her fans.