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Chrisean & Blueface Calls a ‘Truce’ For Turkey Day



Get ready for a Thanksgiving truce like no other, as Chrisean Rock and Blueface put their differences aside for a festive feast.

After months of trading jabs, this dynamic duo surprised everyone by spending Thanksgiving together, indulging in all the holiday delights. The heartwarming reunion was documented on Instagram by Chrisean’s sister, capturing the scene at Blueface’s place well past 10 PM. Chrisean was seen kicking back on his sofa, gaming while FaceTiming her sister.

Having welcomed a son with Blueface in September, Chrisean shared the news of their truce in the spirit of Thanksgiving, expressing her newfound niceness as a baby mama.

Blueface, on his part, also embraced the friendly atmosphere, claiming the “nice guy” title, though some eye-rolls ensued from the audience. Despite the playful banter, the two seemed to be enjoying the moment of being friendly exes, temporarily putting aside any ongoing drama.

This Thanksgiving surprise brings a unique twist to the usual holiday celebrations, as Chrisean and Blueface redefine what it means to come together for gratitude and good vibes. 🦃✌️