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Chrisean Rock Had Toni Braxton Shook As She Interrupted Tamar Braxton’s Backstage Prayer Circle Right Before Assaulting James Wright Chanel



Yo, things got wild at Tamar Braxton’s concert in L.A., and it looks like Chrisean Rock was right in the mix of it. Check this – she made a cameo at Tamar’s show, starting with a backstage prayer. Seemed chill, right? But, hold up, violence allegedly went down later, and Chrisean was supposedly in the middle of it.

So, here’s the lowdown. Chrisean barged into Tamar’s dressing room in the middle of the prayer, catching everyone off guard. You can peep the video – she straight-up disrupted the prayer circle, even giving Toni Braxton a little shove to get next to Tamar.

Now, this wasn’t some pre-planned thing. It was literally the first time Tamar and Chrisean met after Tamar invited her to the show on IG Live. Backstage, they were cool – James and everyone even laughed off the whole prayer fiasco, making Chrisean feel welcome.

But after the show, things went south. Chrisean thought she was supposed to perform, but when James told her it wasn’t the case, that’s when things allegedly got violent. Tamar went on IG all teary-eyed, naming Chrisean as the attacker, clarifying she wasn’t scheduled to perform, just assist in the twerk-off part of the show.

James hasn’t spoken on it, but Chrisean is denying the whole thing. Drama, drama, drama – the tour life ain’t always smooth.