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Department Of Justice Investigates The NBA For Allegedly Hating On Ice Cube’s BIG 3 League



The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating allegations of anticompetitive behavior by the NBA, which Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league claims was aimed at stifling its growth.

The accusations include claims that the NBA prevented sponsors and potential partners from doing business with the Big3 and discouraged television networks from airing Big3 games.

Ice Cube and his partner, Jeff Kwatinetz, launched the 3-on-3 league in 2017, primarily featuring retired NBA players.

Some current NBA players have expressed a desire to play in the Big3 during the offseason, but the Big3 alleges that the NBA has imposed arbitrary rules to prevent this.

Although NBA and Big3 seasons do not overlap, the Big3 believes it has been unfairly targeted.

The Department of Justice has met with Ice Cube and Kwatinetz and is reaching out to NBA owners as part of the investigation.

If antitrust violations are found, the NBA could face a significant fine.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass denies the allegations, stating, “We have been supportive of the Big3 since its inception, but we declined to invest.”

The Department of Justice and the Big3 declined to comment. 🏀🔍💼