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Fat Joe Speaks On The Money Challenge: Referring To It As ‘Self-Snitching’



The money challenge has been taking the internet by storm by celebs like NBA Young boy and Nick Cannon. 50 cent was the first to go viral and then Soulja boy soon followed. One rapper who is tired of it and has been vocal about it is Fat joe.

Via IG Live:

These people, when they get caught, they ask themselves, ‘Damn man, how did [I get caught]?’ You told on yourself!” Joe said. “You haven’t had a legit job in your life, you writing your name with mountains of money — f*** is wrong with you?!

“Nick Cannon said, ‘IRS is watching.’ F***** right! They don’t gotta look far! In fact, all they gotta do is hashtag ‘money challenge.’ Who’s Loko32? Who’s JonJon43? Who’s TheOGPennyLoaf? N-gga, you gone!’

“I dare you to look down my Instagram or anywhere on social media and see if Fat Joe has ever pulled out a $100 bill! One! Find the one!”

Yall agree with Fat joe?