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Kelis Milkshake Is Bringing The Internet To Her California Farm As Viral Video Has Social Breaking Their Necks



Kelis is out here living her best life on that California farm, and I gotta say, she’s aging like a fine wine. No cap, the internet’s buzzing ’cause she’s dropping that cool content and looking stunning while doing it.

She just hit us with an update, introducing the newest members of her animal squad – a fresh baby goat and a micro-donkey she playfully named Smokey Robinson. But let’s keep it real, while folks are showing love to her farm fam, they can’t help but notice she’s bringing that heat in those jeans.

Kelis ain’t just about the looks, though – she’s dropping knowledge about new mamas in the animal kingdom. But I get it, for some of y’all, it’s a bit hard to focus with Kelis looking like a whole snack.

And in case you didn’t know, Kelis is a legit farmer. Chickens, turkeys, beans, greens – she’s got the whole package. Plus, she had her own Netflix cooking show a while back. Bill Murray used to be her Old MacDonald, but that ship has sailed. Looks like Kelis might be riding solo these days, but hey, she’s keeping busy with that farm life.