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Justin JC Collins Talks What It’s Like Working With Tom Cruise, Will Smith and More!



I came across Justin’s Instagram page because of a posting that he posted for his fans. I love to see entertainers interacting with their fans. Without the fans, they would not be who they are or where they are. I got to learn about actor, model and fitness coach Justin JC Collins. Now I am going to share it with you.

IOE: Why the name JC of The Finest besides the great looks, great body, and great Bio. Why that name?

JC: The name JC of The Finest actually started when I was in college. Everyone always called me JC since I was a child, as those are my initials to my name. When I got to college, my best friend and I started a musical group and named it ” The Finest.”  I was logically JC of The Finest. From that point it kind of stuck as a nickname, but applied to everything I was doing, as if you’re going to be “The Finest” anything, that’s the equivalent to the best or the Top. So with my modeling, acting, and anything entertainment, it fits well so I just roll with it. It’s funny because that’s what people know me as now, it’s like the stage name becomes the real name, similar to Dwayne Johnson, everyone knows him as “the rock.” But I’ll take it, it’s cool.

IOE: From Songwriter, Actor, Model, Fitness Guru. How did it all begin for you?

JC: It all began when I was a child, my mother and father always told me to be a leader, not a follower, and do what you love. I’ve always played sports, loved music, and dreamed of being on tv, just like the stars I used to watch when I was growing up. So it started then, and really took off when I finished high school, and especially college. Being able to laser focus on what I wanted to become, really helped keep me in line with my goals, and pursue them full force and level up. So no more Cell phone pics or video, I wanted to be on the cover of magazines, network Tv, national commercials, and blockbuster movies. It’s always been staying hungry, and working for more.

IOE: What is one of your proudest accomplishments since being in the entertainment business?

JC: One of my proudest accomplishments has been first, being fortunate enough to be able to have the opportunity to do what I love every day. That is very humbling, and I am very thankful for that and do not take it for granted. Second, has been the ability to not only meet people that I’ve watched on tv since I was a kid, but work with the likes of a  Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, or athlete like Lebron James, as peers. That to me was like an ok, you belong kind of moment.

IOE: I noticed that you are very interactive with your fans/supporters. How important is it for you to connect with them?

JC: It’s at the top of my list. My fans and supporters are my lifelines. Without them, there is no me. It’s incredibly humbling that someone wants to know what you’re doing, what you’re eating when you like to workout, where you like to travel and so on. I love it. My goal way back when was to try and know all of my fans. I know that’s a super lofty goal, but I wanted to let them know they all individually mater to me, and I appreciate their support. Seeing the comments every day and dms are great, and we all have our struggles, and sometimes those little messages are what can get you through a tough day. So that relationship to me is important.

IOE: You have worked with two amazing actors Will Smith and Tom Cruise. Tell us about your roles in the films and how did those come about? 

JC: Both of those roles came about by auditioning, and being chosen by the casting directors. For Jack Reacher, I was a bar patron. A small part, without lines. I was able to work with Tom for the entire 16 hour day and watch how he commands himself as an actor, commits to his lines and character, and treats people on the set. With Concussion, I was a juror, and again, on the set with Will Smith for a full day. Just like with Tom, they are true professionals; machines if you will, delivering take after take perfectly. The fun thing with Will, he is who he is on screen, just like the Fresh Prince, laughing and joking, and interacting with everyone. So it was cool to see how the best in the business work in their environment, and where I have to go to get to that level.

IOE: What is your goal when it comes to the JC of the Finest Brand?

JC: My first goal for the JC of The Finest brand is to become one of the biggest influencers and recognizable talents in the world. That can spread from me as an actor/model/fitness model, to my fitness coaching, to lifestyle branding. I work very hard, and being the best, or “the finest” at what I do, is one of my concrete goals. The second part of that would be to have a positive impact on people changing their lives for the better, and adding value to wherever they struggle and helping them find a solution.

IOE: When you star in your first major movie role who would you want to play alongside You?

JC: When I star in my first movie, I would like to if I had a choice to work with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That’s one person people always say I look like haha. But aside from that, I respect his work ethic, positive and gratuitous approach, and his intensity of purpose. He expects greatness and works for greatness. That’s who I would want to work with as together I feel on screen we could accomplish incredible results.

IOE: Could totally see you as the next big action star, maybe a remake of Shaft, would you take that role if offered?

JC: Thank you, but yes, As long as the script and opportunity was a great fit, why not! I’ve always loved action films and would love to be involved in that process of putting another great one together.

IOE: For the young men growing up and wanting to be in the entertainment business what advice can you give?

JC: The advice I would give to young men looking to get into the entertainment business would be to be ready to work hard, have fun, and love what you do. If you’re in it for the money, don’t do it because it’s always hard work before the Dream. There will be a struggle, rough times, disappointment, and rejection.  Every day won’t be an Instagram story or a highlight with smiles attached. But if you stay focused, work hard, count your blessings and are resourceful, one day you will earn your opportunity for success.

IOE: If you had to choose one between Actor, Model, Fitness Guru or Song Writer. Which would you choose and why?

JC: That’s a tough one. The main goal is to impact people in a positive way. With the acting and modeling, they are more public and with increased exposure, I’ll be able to reach more people. My thoughts would be the more eyes that are on me, I’d be able to introduce aspects of my life that show I’m more than just a face or a character. Like with being a fitness guru, I could give insight on how being positive and healthy improves my life, and helps me be at my best; and with that how it could help their life, by exercise and eating healthy. Lastly, with songwriting, everyone has a vibe, a favorite song, a mood. I would love to impact someone’s life or lives by writing a timeless song that never grows old, like a song about love, or having the best times of our lives because that’s what life is about. Living, and enjoying every moment.

IOE: What is your next move? 

JC: I have huge plans for my future that are taking shape already this year from brand modeling campaigns, national television commercials, nightly shows, and big screen movies. Throw in the plans I have to help my Fitness clients change their lives, and with hard work and gratitude, I look forward to great results!