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Georgia Prosecutor Want To Limit Tiffany Haddish’s Alcohol Use and Weekly Drug Testing After DUI In Beverly Hills



Things just got real for Tiffany Haddish after her second DUI arrest! The legal eagles in Georgia, where she’s got an open DUI case, are coming down hard. They’re hitting up the court, asking to put the brakes on Tiff’s boozin’ and druggin’ lifestyle.

Check this out — the Georgia prosecutors want to tweak her bond conditions, making sure she steers clear of any drinks or substances that could get her in trouble. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all because of that latest DUI episode in Beverly Hills.

Tiffany got nabbed last Friday morning after a Laugh Factory gig, with Beverly Hills PD saying they found her allegedly slumped behind the wheel with the engine running. Not a good look, Tiff.

Remember the first DUI back in Georgia? That went down in January 2022, where she was allegedly dozing off behind the wheel after puffing some Mary Jane. Now, with this second strike, Georgia’s prosecutors want to tighten the grip.

They’re pushing for weekly testing to make sure Tiff stays on the straight and narrow. No ruling from the judge yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop on this legal rollercoaster.