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Man Mike Tyson Punched On JetBlue Flight ‘Tapping’ His Pockets For $450 Racks



Remember that plane scuffle with Iron Mike Tyson last year? Well, the dude he threw hands with, Melvin Townsend, is coming for Tyson’s pockets, demanding nearly half a mil to keep the lawsuits at bay.

Townsend’s lawyer fired off a letter to Tyson’s attorney, saying Mike could’ve chosen a chill route to handle the situation on that JetBlue flight, but instead, he went all in with the hands. Now Townsend’s dealing with a “severe headache” and neck pain even a year later.

In the demand letter, Townsend’s asking Tyson to drop $450,000 to cover legal fees and any future treatments he might need. But, here’s the plot twist — Tyson’s legal squad is calling it a straight-up shakedown. They’re swearing no cash is gonna be forked over.

Tyson’s camp has been singing a different tune, claiming Townsend threw a water bottle at Iron Mike and kept annoying him on the flight. Mike even spilled the tea on his podcast, saying Townsend was “f***ing with me.”

While Tyson dodged any criminal charges a year ago, it looks like the aftermath is still heating up. We’ll keep you posted on this saga, so stay locked in for more. 💥💸