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TWENTIES Stars Jonica Gibbs And Gabrielle Graham Describe Their Twenties As Scary And Anxiety Driven!



Living in your 20’s can be stressful for most, but another season of hanging out with friends such as Hattie, Nia and Marie makes life a tad bit easier.

What is “TWENTIES” about?

Written by Lena Waithe, “TWENTIES,” is a fun, relatable show following the life of three best friends pursuing their dreams while navigating life. 

We have Hattie, played by Jonica “Jojo” Gibbs, a queer black woman in her 20’s aspiring to be a screenwriter; Nia, played by Gabrielle Graham, a yoga teacher with a burning desire to be an actress; and Marie, played by Christina Elmore, a television executive fighting her way through a male dominated and caucasion filled industry.

Together they are each other’s support system as they also face trials and tribulations experiencing love, understanding their identity and balancing family.

Jonica “Jojo” Gibbs says that everyone needs to watch Season Two, because she cannot go back to her other jobs!

In the interview, Jojo shares that out of all the jobs she’s had thus far in her life, “TWENTIES” was her Twenty-first job and she doesn’t see herself going back; but only moving forward to a Season 3!

“I’ve had so many jobs that I know there isn’t anything else that I really want to do,” shared Jonica. “I wrote down all my jobs one time and Twenties was my twenty-first job. Looking back at all those jobs other than substitute teaching, which I still wouldn’t go back to … it just ain’t no going back…I can’t go back.”

Gabrielle Graham also shares stories about the life lessons she’s learned while living out her 20’s and excitement for the new Season. Check out the interview above!

TWENTIES airs on BET and BET HER every Wednesdays 10/9c with appearances from Iman Shumpert, Big Sean, Kym Whitley and more

*Photo courtesy of BET