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Tyrese Getting ‘Tapped On The Pockets’ For Making Excessive AIRBNB Alterations (Video) 🏡



Tyrese Gibson Faces Lawsuit Over Airbnb Alterations and Property Damage.

Tyrese Gibson is now entangled in a legal battle as he faces a lawsuit over alleged property damage to an Airbnb rental due to what the property manager describes as “excessive alterations.” Tracy Wolf, the property manager, claims that Tyrese made changes to the Woodland Hills estate, leading to damages, but the actor insists the alterations are minor.

According to Wolf, Tyrese signed a 6-month lease for a 5-bedroom estate at $20,000 per month starting in February. The actor reportedly started making alterations soon after moving in, including adding structures, altering electrical panels, and painting a marble fireplace in a gold metallic color. Tyrese also closed off doors and windows, causing damage to HVAC units, according to the property manager.

TMZ obtained a video in which Tyrese defends the changes, stating that they are temporary and intended for privacy. He claims that the materials used are not permanently attached to the home’s existing structures. However, Wolf asserts that the alterations are more than temporary and have caused damage to the property.

The property manager alleges that Tyrese attempted to have banana trees removed from the property and damaged the wrought iron gate and stucco exterior. Despite repeated requests to seek written consent before making changes, Wolf claims Tyrese disregarded the warnings and made alterations at his discretion.

Tiffanique Webb, the homeowner, gave Tyrese several months to restore the home, but he allegedly stopped responding to communications, leading to the lawsuit. Webb is seeking more than $25,000 in damages from the actor. 🏡🔨💼