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Amandla Stenberg Departs From Black Panther



Amandla Sternberg is best known for her role in Hunger Games and my favorite (but sad) movie Everything, Everything dropped out of Black Panther. My jaw dropped when I heard (saw) about this. Especially after knowing how well Black Panther did.

She decided to drop out because she wanted to give Dark Skin actresses (actors) a chance to shine. I’m kind of skeptical about this one because I am happy that she is aware of the client race war in the sense of color: light skinned vs dark.

Dark skins do seem to have a harder time shining in this industry, but they will be quick to paint a white model black. Makes no sense to me.

The fact that she felt the only way to let Dark Skins shine was to back out of the opportunity is so sad.

Weather light skin or dark skin it was an all Black Cast that would have been great to be a part of. No matter our shade we will shine no matter what.